A sensitive soul sees the world through a lens of love


   Hi I’m Karen and this is who I try to be;

•  Dog mum of the smartest and sweetest Flatcoat Fjord ... all pure love and the reason to come home for!

•  I could not carry out my passion without my bonus dog mum and good friend Jeannet

•  Nikon lover 100%

•  Looking and thinking in pictures, sometimes tiring, especially for my environment

•  Always on the way to better & more beautiful

•  Photography philosophy, beautiful people are EVERYWHERE

•  I drink tea, lots of tea and tea 24/7

•  Movement, action, emotion ... I'll come to you!

•  Always too many ideas, too little time ... can that clock please go away?

• My motto; "EVERYONE, really everyone has something special, something unique" - YOU are just one of a kind!