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"Love does not end where live ends"


'We take pictures of all the important events in our lives, why not also of the farewell? In addition to portrait photography, I have been focusing on farewell photography for quite some time now. Let me fully capture your precious memories of the last moment. With me personally or through the funeral guidance (with whom I work) you can view my portfolio with an impression of the atmospheric images I make during the farewell. The story without words, always personal and with all the emotion'.

One of my clients, Elly wrote: "And Karen captured it beautifully.

The special thing is that her presence during the farewell service was almost unnoticeable. She was there, but then again she wasn't; so “invisible”.

And the photo album, which I had my doubts about at first (because who wants a photo book of the funeral service of your loved one?!) turned out very, very beautiful. Subdued, but with a perfect representation of the atmosphere and emotions.

- That's what I want to be for my client; subdued, compassionate and "visibly invisible" -

My client Monique wrote a lovely e-mail: "Dear Karen, I received the photos and I am so very happy with them.

I had only looked at the files till now and just watched the movie. What a fantastic job you did and so thoughtful with the movies, the lyrics, the credits, everything.

So sweet and personal how you packed everything and very nice the little photo album. It is a wonderful document for now and for later. I hope you don't mind me sending your details to De Ronde Uitvaart because I think you can mean something beautiful to many more people.

Many thanks on behalf of me and my children"

- It is precisely the personal touch that I find so important towards my customers. That this is also experienced by them is a great compliment -

Before The Funeral


A key family member, or the funeral home, contacts me in advance.

I find out what the family requires ( duration of the funeral service, the condolence, the casket closure).

I then suggest a suitable funeral photography package.

The family representative then completes the order form.

I don’t require payment in advance as I feel families have enough on their minds


During the Funeral


I meet the family representative briefly prior to the funeral service and confirm what will be photographed.

I then photograph the funeral discretely and unobtrusively.

If I am photographing in a church, I ask for the priest’s approval and confirm I won’t use flash photography or move around.


After The Funeral


Within 3 weeks you will receive the carefully selected photos that have been extensively edited by me. The selected photos (usually between 80 - 200) allows the family to share the funeral with family and friends and also those who were unable to attend the funeral in person (e.g. family overseas). These will be sent to you both with a personal USB stick and via WeTransfer. Including a mini album with a linen or leather cover of your choice.

Additional products can also be ordered, such as a large photo album or Pixiocard. This is of course possible in consultation and at the time that suits the family




Each farewell has different wishes and budgets. From my experience I have put together three packages for you

Extra Products

In addition to the Photography package of your choice, additional photo products can be ordered

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